Our Mission

  • To provide value-for-money business support solutions that assist clients in their business expansion.
  • To bring life to businesses and help clients achieve their goals.

Our Vision

To be the 'top of the mind' business support solution provider.

Rationale of our logo

  • Light from the lighthouse represents clarity and it is the first thing that God, our Creator, created. At AxleSolutions, we shed light on the problems that companies face before providing appropriate solutions.
  • Lighthouse provides direction. At AxleSolutions, we analyse the problems in the company and recommend suitable solutions to clients.
  • Red colour signifies the urgency and importance. At AxleSolutions, we help companies set up effective business support that will assist in the growth of the company.
  • Gold colour signifies clients' success, achievement and wealth that is followed by successful execution of effective business solutions in the company.
  • Round shape signifies completeness and continuity of clients' business as the foundation of the business is established through having good business solutions.


All clients are different and each of them faces different challenges. At AxleSolutions, we seek to shed light onto our clients' operations. Using the *D.A.R.E. concept, we seek to understand clients’ business and challenges so as to provide them with the most effective HR and administrative solutions to support their growing business.

Beyond getting things done, our work generates intangible assets for clients, which includes:

· More time to build their business as well as maintain work life balance

· More energy to focus on tasks that contributes to revenue generation

· More focus on business development

· Faster progress as the tasks are delegated to competent staff

· Less stress when less multi-tasking is needed

*D.A.R.E. conceptDiagnoseAnalyseRecommendExecute

AXLESOLUTIONS is founded by Ms Josephine Teo who has more than 25 years of administrative and organisational skills as well as business experience. She has worked with people from different industries and of different personalities.

As a person who had been in the supporting roles at various big and smaller companies, Josephine believes in building strong business support in companies, regardless of its size, that will serve as a foundation for business growth.

Josephine is also a licensed employment agent (R1879518) who worked in partnership with Alpha Manpower Pte Ltd (EA Lic 11C4672) to offer manpower solutions to clients.